LVL Scaffolding Planks

Scaffolding is a temporary structure used on construction sites to support materials and workers while repairing, cleaning or constructing bridges and buildings. Scaffolding is an integral part of the construction industry, and those who regularly work on scaffolding should regularly inspect the LVL scaffolding planks , for early detection of damage.Choosing wood panels can make the workplace safer and more cost-effective than aluminum walking boards.Warped aluminum can create a fall risk or cause worker injury due to high surface temperatures.

Features of LVL scaffolding planks:

1. The wood maintains its size and shape as the seasons and humidity adjust without worrying about swelling.

2. Provides superior strength and reliable, safe planks that meet OSHA standards and factory-proven load tests.

3. Designed for multiple uses, waxed and painted.

4. Surface seam treatment to make the working surface smooth and flat.

5. Customized embossing, length and size.

6. Easy-to-handle edges for debris-free handling.

7. Every piece of wooden scaffolding board is inspected and machine stress rated.

LVL scaffolding planks from Fubong are tested to ensure construction workers can move safely and efficiently to complete their projects. Paying highest attention to detail and safety, we provide the most stable and consistent wooden scaffolding panels in the industry.Our products also include I joists, LVL salts , Plywood etc.If you are looking for a reliable scaffold planks supplier with durable scaffolding planks for sale,welcome to contact us! 

Storage of LVL scaffolding planks:
Protected from the weather, stored lying flat, and without direct ground contact.
Stored in dry, well ventilated, drained areas.
Should not be cut, drilled or notched.
Not suitable for permanent structures.

LVL scaffolding planks should not be over-loaded     
Do not jump or bounce on planks.
Always avoid dropping heavy objects on the panels.

Throwing or dropping of the boards is not recommended and will diminish lifespan.    
Do not push or hit LVL planks with forklift tines or heavy equipment.

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