New Zealand Pine Veneer and WBP Glue Environmental-friendly Wood Osha LVL Scaffolding Plank 38*225*3900-6000mm

China Fushi plywoood supply LVL Scaffolding Radiate Pine Timber lvl laminated planks.

LVL scaffolding radiate timber board is an environmental-friendly wood product which is made of New Zealand pine veneer and WBP (phenolic)Glue,offering high durability

38MM*225*5995mm  LVL engineered wood Pine Scaffold Plank is a structural product manufactured from thin rotary peeled veneers of wood usually 3mm thick, glued with a durable adhesive with the grain running parallel to the main axis of the member.

PINE  LVL SCAFFOLDING BOARD  38*225*3900MM  With full length embossed “OSHA PROOF TESTED  SCAFFOLD BOARD 08/17”  Without MADE IN CHINA.

42mm scaffolding plank is our main products in fushi wood group. its have a poplar lvl, pine lvl in north of china.

LVL beam is lamineted veneer lumber construction beam. and lvl scaffold plank is used for middel east markert.

Painting: green color painting at the end of every sheet LVL and  clear words fully embossed on the edge of LVL.
Material: poplar ,pine or eucalyptus

Laminated Veneer Lumber Scaffolding Boards

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