100% Polyester Reinforcing Fabric

Polyester reinforcing fabric is a high quality and durable reinforcement used in roof restoration systems, repair of roof splits.

Polyester Reinforcing Fabric stitch bonded non woven fabric for roofing waterproof membrane

Produced from 100% Polyester in black, white and other colors, these fabrics can be flame resistant to meet your specification.

Stitchbonding is the process of knitting through a fibrous batt that creates a new fabric structure not possible using other fabric formation processes. The process yields high productivity at a lower cost.

Typically consist of 5% to 20% yarn – 80% to 95% un-spun fiber. Spinning costs are avoided on the bulk of the fabric, cutting costs. Add to cost savings the ability to design radically new fabric constructions, and you’ll find stitchbonding offers a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


  • Colours: White, Black and other colors
  • Width: 36″, 44″, 54″
  • Bar System: Single/Double Bar
  • Stitch Count: 10, 14, 18, 22.
  • Thickness: 0.4mm ~ 1.2mm
  • Texture: Soft, Standard, Stiff
Polyester Reinforcing Fabric PET nonwoven fabric

* Water based coatings

* Acrylic elastomeric roof coatings and emulsions

* Asphalt coatings and emulsions

* Solvent based coatings

* All roof repair mastics, cements, wet patch materials, etc

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